• Barre Classes in Simi Calley

Barre Classes

In 2017 we built a new Barre Studio and launched our new class format, Core Barre! Core Barre classes were specifically designed for our new studio and are instructed by knowledgeable, experienced, and trained dancers to provide a true Barre experience like no other.

  • Benefits Include:
  • • Long Lean Muscle Tone
  • • Cardiovascular Heart Health
  • • Improved Posture,
  • • Increased Flexibility, and more!

Core Barre is designed for all levels, no matter the age. There is no dance experience required and it is also great for people with injuries or chronic pain because it only incorporates low impact moves along with moves to elongate and stretch your muscles.

The Class Format

Core Barre classes combine Ballet, Yoga, Pilates, and Cardio Vascular moves to give you a high energy, but low impact full body workout. The class begins with a dynamic warm up leading into the full body workout and ending with static stretches.

Classic & Ultra

There are 2 different levels of classes, Classic and Ultra. Classic is for the beginner to intermediate and Ultra is for intermediate to advanced.

Your First Visit (Free!)

Please arrive 15 minutes early so you can sign-in to secure a spot, fill out a waiver, and the instructor will show you around and get you ready for class. During classes we do incorporate some equipment such as small weights or other accessories, so before class feel free to grab what you feel comfortable using for your fitness level.

**Bring with you a bottle of water and a beach size towel.


One of the great aspects of our Barre Studio is the community feel. There is no judgment and everyone moves at their own pace, just enjoy moving and listen to your body.

Child Care

Child Care is provided during each Core Barre Class. Even better, it is FREE with all Core Barre memberships or packages! Mom’s rejoice!


There are a variety of price options for Core Barre Classes. Our most popular choice is the Unlimited Class Pass, but we also sell class passes individually or in packages. Give us a call at (805) 522-5770 to hear more about the classes and price offerings.

**Child Care is FREE with Core Barre memberships and packages!!**