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Personal Trainer Dannie

We love the testimonial from Dannie's client David because it is a common train of thought for new members "When I first came in here, I thought I knew what I needed to do to get in shape..."

Dannie has more certifications to even list and is continuously furthering her certifications in both fitness and nutrition. Her specialties include strength training, lowering body fat, competitive bodybuilding, injury specialist, and nutrition and wellness coaching.

Personal Biography:

Dannie is certified and licensed with NESTA and AFAA, and has been a group fitness instructor for eight years. She is an excellent communicator with her clients, focusing on the clients needs based on their desired end results.

From balance and toning, to strength and muscle building, Dannie understands the science and the reason behind the movements that lead to success. To date, her wellness coaching background has produced a weight loss total over 2,000 cumulative pounds. Her yoga, pilates, and senior fitness practices allow her to adjust workouts for those looking to increase balance, flexibility, and stamina while lowering the stress to joints.

Personally Dannie's favorite hobbies are raising chickens, horseback riding, genealogy, quilting, fine dining, and choreographing new fitness routines to music.

Island Personal Trainer Kathy

Check out a testimonial from just one of Kathy's many clients who are so happy with their training and results! Kathy is there to support her clients in any way that she can and encourage a realistic healthy and fit lifestyle. Don't be fooled by her beautiful smile, she is VERY strong and will push you past your limits!