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We love the testimonial from Dannie's client David because it is a common train of thought for new members "When I first came in here, I thought I knew what I needed to do to get in shape..."

Dannie has more certifications to even list and is continuously furthering her certifications in both fitness and nutrition. Her specialties include strength training, lowering body fat, competitive bodybuilding, injury specialist, and nutrition and wellness coaching.

Personal Biography:

Dannie is certified and licensed with NESTA and AFAA, and has been a group fitness instructor...

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A popular training format we offer at Island Health & Fitness gym in Simi Valley is Small Group Personal Training or as we call it SGT for short. Recently we have added a new format of SGT called Beginning Boxing. This is not your ordinary boxing class! Take your boxing to the next level with one-on-one opponent style boxing! Each participant will learn the basics to properly execute various styles of punches as well as block their opponent with 16 oz gloves. As you progress you will learn new combinations of punches and blocks.

**No boxing bags are used for this class, hand...


In January 2017 we opened a brand new barre studio and designed a brand new barre format called Core Barre, exclusively at Island Health & Fitness gym in Simi Valley. Currently we have four fabulous instructors, Heidi, Katelyn, Lauren, and Melissa, all with years of barre and dance experience. They bring an amazing energy to each class and care about each client that walks through the studio doors.

You may be wondering, is barre for me? Barre is for EVERYONE! Yes, even if you have no dance experience, this still is a great workout for any one! There are so many wonderful...